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Zip Cannabis offers a truly exciting collection of vapes and carts designed to suit your sense of style, preferences and on-the-go schedule. Proprietary technology from such industry pioneers as Stiiizy, MKX and Element deliver top shelf cannabis oil in disposables and rechargeables. From the initial to the final puff, count on consistency, rich terpenes, and accurate dosing. With customization options, there’s a perfect fit for you.

Convenient and Bursting with Terps

Explore indicas, sativas and hybrids for your ideal potency and effects. Enjoy a fantastic and flavorful experience with an abundance of innovative strains, including Garlic Cookies, Apple Fritter,Candy Jack, Banana Split, Sunset Sherbet, Maui Wowie and Skywalker OG. Visit Zip Cannabis in Hartford, Michigan. Step inside our one-of-a-kind cannabis shop with high expectations. Our dedicated service includes helpful online ordering and in-store pickup.

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Zip Cannabis curates our selection from those names that grab attention and deliver on their promises. Stiiizy, Jeeter, Wyld, Kiva, Mitten Extracts, Lion Labs, Good Tide and MKX are included in abundance, providing the impressive genetics, sought-after strains and cultivation ethics that meet our especially particular standards. And we can’t wait to share! Stop by and delve into more than your wildest imagination ever expected. Go ahead and shop online, order ahead and pick-up in-store at your convenience. We accept cash and debit cards and create a community just right for the newcomer and the long-time aficionado!

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This micro-dispensary just opened and has only begun to start growing their own cannabis flower, so that is not yet available. Currently they have a wide selection of infused pre-rolled joints and blunts, concentrates, carts, moonrocks and edibles. They have what seems to be every evolution edible gummy which start at $3 and are all vegan. Thete ate other vegan gummies and nuts that I have yet to see anywhere else.

Joshua M

Great spot for really high-end stuff. Local owner, which is always nice to support someone local. It is also not on the main road, so you can be discreet. Sounds like they will be getting some really good local flower, too!

Chad W
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